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Nine World Records With One Flight

(FAI) Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
World Air Sports Federation
World Records Official Claim

November 8, 2015

Near Venice, with her standard Gyroplane Magni M16 , Donatella takes off from Caposile airfield, for the flight that gives her several world records. With the altitude of 27,556 ft/8,399 m, Donatella Ricci is the new world altitude record holder with gyroplane, improving previous record by American pilot Andrew Keech, 2004.

The meticulous optimization of the unpressurized gyroplane standard equipment, her months-long preparation, and indeed an unusual sense of risk, made it possible for Donatella to reach a total of nine world records obtained in one single flight, November 8, 2015 as official performance readings validate.
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) Official World Records Claim.

Donatella tells of her unique experience on occasion of outreach events, and in her book "World Record For A Gyroplane" foreword by Samantha Cristoforetti. For her relevant contributions to the aerospace sector, Donatella has been acknowledged by prestigious international institutions and her Magni gyroplane is dressed up with celebratory liverage by renowned aircraft designer Mirco Pecorari .

With her boundless drive for aeronautics, Donatella guides the ones familiar with flight and adventure enthusiast alike, into a world of discoveries and simplification, sheds light into areas of courage, trust, confidence. Pilots and non-pilots alike easily relate to the recount of a woman who has dedicated her life to flying and makes others fly.

595lb / 270kg
Magni M16 Gyroplane
Empty Weight
Cruising Speed
Absolute Altitude World Record
19lb / 72lt
Fuel Tank Capacity

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