The Record Flight


Two days. Two world records

November 7, 2015

Near Venice, from Caposile airfield, Donatella takes off on her standard, open Magni M16 gyroplane manifactured in Italy.
First day attempt, facing strong winds, polar temperatures reaching -40C, headache possibly caused by high altitude, radio connections problems, foggy eye glasses, breathing carefully to save bottled oxygen, orientiring difficulties with low visibility, touch down at the airfield with very little gasoline in her tank.

'It's all so worth it, the views from up there are uniquely magnificient and breathtaking'! -Donatella

With 26.700ft/8,1381m Donatella Ricci brakes the women's world record, held by Amelia Earhart since 1931: Amelia set her record at 18,415ft/5612.800m on a Pitcairn gyroplane.

595lb / 270kg
Magni M16 Gyroplane
Empty Weight
Cruising Speed
Absolute Altitude World Record
19lb / 72lt
Fuel Tank Capacity

November 8, 2015

As previous day, this time higher and no radio connectivity at all to double check with the ground if her readings on board find confirmation, in her solo flight Donatella is really solo when she wants to celebrate what she thinks, hopes it's her new record: she takes a selfie at an altitude where commercial planes fly and Himalays climbers go.

Magni family, the Italian team who manufactures Magni gyroplanes , Donatella's friends, and supporters are waiting at the airfield looking up, calculating the time she's been away. She makes her return like a shooting star at daytime, welcomed by friends', Samantha Cristoforetti's, and supporters congratulations.

As of November 8, 2015 Donatella Ricci is the new holder of the absolute World Altitude Record on gyroplane. With the altitude of 27,556 ft/8,399 m, Donatella improves the world record of 350m, since 2004 held by American Andrew Keech.

Donatella's gyroplane is now all dressed up with the new celebratory liverage by internationally renowned aircraft designer Mirco Pecorari !

She has written her experience in her book "Record Flight On Gyroplane", introduction by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. Get your copy here, available in Italian and from September 2017 in English as well!

Image and Tweet © courtesy Samantha Cristoforetti
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Donatella's Book

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