The Book

"The Record Flight On Gyroplane"

Foreword by
Samantha Cristoforetti

Donatella is the author of the book "The Record Flight On Gyroplane" (Il Record Di Volo In Autogiro), where she collects thoughts, her experience of solo flying, what it takes to fly high, very high on a standard unpressurized Magni M16 gyroplane up to 27,556ft/8.399 m. at -40 degrees, the hard long training, the support, the preparation.

Donatella writes the way the flies... for everyone, pilots and aspiring ones , and for those who love adventure, the way it's done step by step, releasing plenty of useful information along the way.

The Book

World Record For A Gyroplane

(Il Record Di Volo In Autogiro)

Foreword by Samantha Cristoforetti

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