10th Flydonna Anniversary
International Meeting Ladies Pilot

Flydonna 2018 celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

On occasion of Flydonna 8th edition and celebrative milestone Donatella Ricci welcomes everyone September 15-16, 2018 in a special location, Aeroclub 'Adele Orsi' - Calcinate del Pesce (Va).
This special, celebrative edition reunites ladies pilot to inspire and be inspired, the occasion to keep alive that spark that makes old and new flow into the future, a unique weekend with world record champions!
We invite you to save the date and stay tuned for more information. Wherever you are around the world, we wait for you to join and celebrate together!

What is Flydonna

FlyDonna is an international outreach event founded by Donatella Ricci in 2008: it takes place annualy in Italy.

With a vast experience in aviation, from hot-air balloon pilot to being the first female President of the national hot-air balloon Federation, from astronaut selection to FAI PR Chairlady (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - World Air Sports Federation) to pilot and flight instructor of several types of ultralight aircrafts, Donatella has created a meeting place for women in aviation of all ages and countries.
The initiative adheres to the spirit of FEWP (European Federation of Women Pilots) and ADA (Italian Organization Ladies Pilot - website in Italian language).

From the first edition, Flydonna meetings are successful stories for women involved in the aerospace and aviation industry, women who enojy flying as a recreational activity, or simply enjoy being part of an international growing community.


Credits Photograph © Irene Pantaleoni (ADA)
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