Sky Without Barriers

May 12, 2018

Sky Without Barriers

Special Guest

Esa Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti

Italy - Cremona Airport
Aeroclub Cremona

Event starts 09:30 a.m.

Talk shows

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translated for persons with hearing impairment,
courtesy of AeroClub Cremona
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Samantha Cristoforetti
Italian Air Force Cap. Pil. - Esa Astronaut

Conversation on topic: Challenge

T. COL. Walter Villadei
Cosmonaut Italian Air Force (AM)

Donatella Ricci
World gyroplane altitude record holder

WeFly! Team
The only aerobatic team in the world of which two of three pilots, Alessandro Paleri and Marco Cherubini, have disabilities. Instructor Erich Kustatcher

Col. Pil. Carlo Calcagni
Paralympic athlete GSPD

T. Col. Pil. Marco Iannuzzi
Paralympic athlete GSPD

Ten. Pil.
Tornado aircraft, VI Stormo (6th Wing), Ghedi air base

Cristoforetti Interview Transcript/Translation

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